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What Color Paint Goes with Brown Granite? A Guide for Kitchen Remodeling

what color paint goes with brown granite

What Color Paint Goes with Brown Granite? A Guide for Kitchen Remodeling

When planning a kitchen remodeling, one common question is, what color paint goes with brown granite? This timeless kitchen countertop choice has a rich texture and a warm, earthy hue, which can create a luxurious yet cozy ambiance in your kitchen. This article will guide you through the best color palettes that beautifully complement brown granite.

Choosing The Right Color for Your Kitchen Walls

Understanding Brown Granite’s Undertones

Brown granite isn’t just “brown”. It comes with a variety of undertones such as gold, gray, or even hints of green. Before selecting paint, understand these undertones.

Harmonizing Paint With Brown Granite

For a harmonious kitchen, your paint should complement the undertones in your brown granite. Examples:

  • Golden undertones: Soft creams, pale yellows, or even muted golds.
  • Gray undertones: Cool grays or even soft lavender.
  • Green undertones: Earthy greens or muted olive.

Contrasting Paint Choices

If harmony isn’t your goal and you’re looking for contrast, consider:

  • Cool Blues: They create a stunning contrast against the warmth of brown granite.
  • Vibrant Reds: These give a lively, energetic vibe.
what color paint goes with brown granite

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Incorporating Kitchen Cabinets into the Mix

Brown granite is versatile. It matches well with various kitchen cabinets. A few suggestions:

  • Dark Wooden Cabinets: Deep mahogany or walnut cabinets enhance the richness of brown granite.
  • White Cabinets: White offers a clean, classic contrast to brown granite. This combination exudes modern elegance.
  • Colored Cabinets: Think of muted greens or blues. They add a touch of uniqueness while still complementing the granite.

The Impact of Lighting

Lighting can drastically change how your paint and brown granite appear together. Examples:

  • Natural Light: It brings out the authentic colors and undertones of brown granite.
  • Warm Light: It emphasizes the gold and reddish hues in brown granite.
  • Cool Light: It brings out the granite’s gray undertones.
what color paint goes with brown granite

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1. Can I use bold colors with brown granite countertops?

Yes, but use them sparingly. For instance, a vibrant blue accent wall can make brown granite pop.

2. Should I match my backsplash color with the wall paint or granite?

Ideally, the backsplash should complement both. If your wall paint contrasts the granite, a neutral backsplash can balance the look.

3. Are neutral colors the best choice for brown granite?

While neutrals work great, don’t shy away from muted pastels or even deeper colors. They can create captivating kitchen aesthetics.


When deciding what color paint goes with brown granite, consider the granite’s undertones, your kitchen cabinets, and lighting. Remember, brown granite is versatile, allowing you to explore a plethora of color options. With the right choices, your kitchen remodeling project can turn your space into a culinary sanctuary.