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Small Kitchen Storage Solutions: 7 Easy to Implement Ideas 2024


Small Kitchen Storage Solutions: 7 Easy to Implement Ideas 2024

Are you looking at a small kitchen remodel? If yes, you know you are always looking out for some crafty small kitchen storage solutions. That being said, just because you have a small kitchen, does not mean that you don’t have enough space to work with. A small kitchen has plenty of opportunities for you to experiment with in terms of their storage capabilities.

All that being said, it can be difficult to recognize the opportunities and make them work for you. This is why we’ve collated this list of 7 smart small kitchen storage solutions to help you get started.


1. Go Vertical

A small kitchen has limited space to work with. You can install only so may cabinets and drawers before you run out of space. However, sometimes you just have to reach for the stars (or the ceiling, in this case).

Normal cabinetry design tends to leave some space on top. If you want to make the most out of your small kitchen, consider opting for some floor-to-ceiling storage.

You can easily convert one such unit as your pantry and make the most of this newfound storage in your kitchen.

2. Use the Top of Your Cabinets

If you don’t want to opt for something as drastic as a new cabinet layout, you can still make the most of your existing cabinetry. Once you run out of storage in your cabinets, you don’t need to look too far.

The top of your cabinets is an unused resource. Not only can you store additional items there but you can also optimize your overall storage strategy.

For instance, instead of storing plates and other ceramic crockery inside the cabinets, you can store them on top of it. By doing this, not only are you making room for bulkier items like pots but you are also adding some character to your kitchen.


3. Use Shelf Risers

Speaking of using cabinets efficiently, you need to start using shelf risers immediately. Most cabinets are built to maximize storage. However, you can’t always stack things on top of one another.

This is where shelf risers come in. Shelf risers allow you to divide the space and use it efficiently. Of course, you can use shelf risers on countertops as well. In actuality, it is encouraged to use them as often as you can.

If there is a space in your kitchen that can be doubled up or you need to use the ‘vertical space’ to store things but can’t do so, bring in the shelf risers.

4. Hang Everything

In your kitchen, too many items take up unnecessary space. Especially, kitchen tools. If you open any drawer, you will notice all the kitchen tools simply lying around. There is a simple solution to avoid this mess.

To begin with, figure out the tools and utensils that can be hung. You have your pots, pans, spoons, mugs and so much more. Let’s start with knives. You don’t need a bulky knife holder to occupy premium real estate on your countertop. Instead, opt for a magnetic knife holder.  This magnetic strip can be installed easily and store knives (among other things) quite easily.

Similarly, you can opt for a wall-mounted pot rack or a hanging pot rack to store pots and pans. Not only does it make grabbing pots and pans more accessible but it also saves that precious cabinet space for other kitchen items.

If you look around your kitchen, you will notice some unused wall space. You don’t have to let it go to waste. You can put it to good use by installing a nifty pegboard. A pegboard will allow you to hang numerous kitchen items without any hassles.

Hanging rod kitchen storage

5. Use Open Shelves

Speaking of walls, they don’t always have to be reserved for cabinets. When you’re deciding on storage options for your kitchen, you have to look at various factors. For a small kitchen, too many cabinets are a recipe for design disaster.

The alternative for this is to use open shelves. Not only do open shelves act as a viable storage alternative, but they also make your small kitchen look bigger than it is. Another advantage of having open shelves is that they double up as decor pieces.

Store your finest plates and colorful accessories on these shelves and watch your kitchen come alive with character and a personal touch.

6. Use the Sink Space

Has the fake drawer front below the sink always confused you? It’s time you make the most of it. Replace the fake space with something real and extremely functional. Install a tilt drawer to store your dishwashing essentials like sponges and other small accessories.

This tilt drawer space is perfect as you are storing items that you need for that specific area without compromising on space elsewhere.

7. Use Wasted Space

There are many areas in your kitchen that go unused simply because they’re either too small or too narrow to use. However, this wasted space should not be unused.

You can use a narrow space to install a pull-out spice rack. Similarly, awkward corners can be used by installing rotating drawers or as a pull-out pantry.

corner rack storage kitchen remodel

Final Thoughts

A small kitchen remodel opens opportunities for you to think out of the box. In fact, a small kitchen has plenty of storage potential – all you have to do is to look for it in the right places and execute your ideas in a way that works for your personal needs. Enjoy incorporating some of these small kitchen storage solutions for yourself, and you will see!