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Cherry Wood Kitchen Cabinets: Timeless and Tasteful

cherry wood kitchen cabinets

Cherry Wood Kitchen Cabinets: Timeless and Tasteful

When we think of style, sophistication, and longevity in kitchen design, one element undoubtedly stands out – cherry wood kitchen cabinets. These durable and aesthetically pleasing cabinets effortlessly blend aesthetics and function, becoming an unrivaled choice for homeowners worldwide.

Cherry on Top: Why Choose Cherry Wood?

From a remodeling expert’s standpoint, cherry wood is indeed an excellent choice for kitchen cabinets due to its numerous advantages:

Strength and Workability

Cherry wood exhibits a unique combination of strength and workability. It’s effortless to craft into various designs, allowing for versatility in your kitchen’s look.


Known for its robust nature, cherry wood promises longevity. Its resistance to moisture ensures your cabinets will withstand the test of time, even in the most bustling of kitchens.

Timeless Charm

Cherry cabinets captivate homeowners and designers alike with their timeless appeal. Their rich, warm hues can enhance both traditional and contemporary kitchen styles.

Adds Value

Although cherry wood cabinets are more expensive than some other materials, they’re a solid investment. The material’s quality, durability, and sophisticated look add considerable value to your kitchen. It’s clear that the benefits of choosing cherry wood kitchen cabinets extend beyond their attractive appearance. Their durability, versatility, and timeless charm justify the initial investment, making them a popular choice for many homeowners.

Considering the Other Side: The Cons of Cherry Wood

While the advantages of cherry wood kitchen cabinets are numerous, it’s essential to address some potential drawbacks to ensure a balanced perspective:


As previously mentioned, cherry wood is one of the more expensive materials for kitchen cabinets. This higher cost could be prohibitive for homeowners working with a tight budget.

Darkening Over Time

Cherry wood darkens as it ages, a process called oxidation. While many people find this characteristic appealing, it may not be desirable for those who prefer a lighter color for their cabinets.

Grain Variation

Cherry wood has a prominent grain pattern with natural color variations. While this provides unique character and charm, some homeowners may find it inconsistent or unpredictable.

Scratches and Dents

Cherry wood is a hardwood but can still be susceptible to scratches and dents if not handled carefully. This might be a concern in households with children or pets.

Weighing the Worth: The Cost of Cherry Wood Cabinets

Cherry wood is great for kitchen cabinets because of its many good qualities, but it’s pretty expensive. It costs a lot because it’s also top-quality and long-lasting. The actual price of cherry wood kitchen cabinets can change a lot and depends on many things:

  • Size of Your Kitchen: The larger the kitchen, the more cabinets you’ll need, leading to a higher overall cost.
  • Design Complexity: Custom designs or intricate detailing can increase the price compared to standard designs.
  • Hardware and Additional Features: Upgrades like soft-close hinges, glass fronts, or interior organizers can add to the final cost.

On average, you might expect to pay anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 for standard cherry wood cabinets for a medium-sized kitchen. For custom designs or larger kitchens, the price could go up to $20,000 or more. 

The Magical Transformation: Darkening of Cherry Wood Over Time

Cherry wood cabinets have a unique characteristic: they age gracefully. Like a fine wine, cherry wood darkens over time due to light exposure, a process known as oxidation. Starting with a lighter, pinkish-red tone, they mature into a rich, deep red or brown over time, mainly within the first year. This transformation adds a layer of intrigue and elegance to your kitchen.

A Symphony of Styles: Designing with Cherry Wood Cabinets

A kitchen cabinet is more than just storage; it’s the cornerstone of your kitchen’s style and feel. Cherry wood cabinets radiate elegance through their rich, dark tones and strong grain pattern. The design possibilities with these cabinets are virtually endless, making them a versatile choice that suits many aesthetics. Here are some design styles that go well with cherry wood cabinets:


Cherry wood cabinets are synonymous with traditional kitchen designs. Opt for a raised-panel design with a rich stain to highlight the wood’s intricate grain. Pair the cabinets with ornate hardware and luxury countertops, like granite or marble, to emphasize the traditional style.


For a modern look, consider flat-panel cherry cabinets. The sleek design contrasts beautifully with the wood’s natural grain, offering an unexpected twist on modern minimalism. Stainless steel appliances and hardware, along with quartz countertops, can complete this contemporary aesthetic.


For a farmhouse feel, try cherry wood cabinets with a distressed or antiqued finish. Complement them with features like a farmhouse sink, open shelving, and vintage-inspired hardware to enhance the rustic charm.


If you like to blend the old with the new, cherry wood cabinets can work perfectly in a transitional kitchen design. The cabinets’ classic appeal pairs well with a mix of traditional and contemporary elements, like a modern kitchen island or vintage-inspired lighting fixtures.

Durability Meets Elegance: The Quality of Cherry Cabinets

Cherry wood cabinets stand where durability and aesthetics intersect. Their resistance to warping and moisture, coupled with impressive strength, signifies good quality. The timeless elegance of cherry wood cabinets resists fleeting style trends, making them a continuous favorite.

FAQs about Cherry Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Is cherry a good wood for kitchen cabinets?

Absolutely! Cherry wood is durable, resistant to moisture, and easy to craft into various designs.

Are cherry wood cabinets still in style?

Indeed, they are. Cherry cabinets have a timeless appeal that transcends fleeting design trends.

Are cherry wood cabinets expensive?

While they are more costly than some alternatives, the quality and durability of cherry wood cabinets make them a worthwhile investment.

The Charm of Cherry Wood Cabinets

In the world of kitchen renovations, cherry wood kitchen cabinets are the embodiment of sophistication, durability, and timeless style. The initial cost might be higher, but the unparalleled aesthetics, quality, and long-term benefits they bring are an investment worth making. Just like the fruit they’re named after, cherry wood kitchen cabinets are the cherry on top of a perfect kitchen design, proving that they’re more than a passing trend – they’re a lasting statement.