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5 Fun Things to Do in Leesburg VA: A Local’s Guide

Leesburg VA

5 Fun Things to Do in Leesburg VA: A Local’s Guide

Nestled in the heart of Virginia, the historic town of Leesburg boasts a treasure trove of activities. If you ever find yourself pondering about things to do in Leesburg VA, wonder no more. From historic sites to vineyards, Leesburg offers experiences fit for every traveler.

Explore Historic Downtown

Leesburg’s Downtown is old and historic. It started in 1740. The streets have stories from a long time ago. There are old-style buildings and old homes. There are also small shops that sell special things. If you like history, the Loudoun Museum in town shows more about it.

Leesburg VA

Image from Historic Downtown Leesburg Association

Visit Morven Park

Morven Park, home to historic mansions and gardens, is a must-visit. The Davis Mansion stands tall, showcasing a harmonious blend of various architectural styles. The surrounding gardens are tranquil spots where visitors can reconnect with nature. Additionally, equestrian fans are in for a treat at the park’s renowned Equestrian Center. In autumn, equestrian events captivate spectators, adding to the allure of this historic estate.


Image from MorvenPark.Org

Wineries and Breweries

Leesburg’s wine and beer scene is budding and vibrant. The town and its surrounding areas are dotted with wineries where one can sip on local wines while enjoying panoramic views of Virginia’s rolling countryside. Breweries are no less popular, each offering craft beers with their own distinct flair. Guided tours are available at many establishments, making for an informative and delightful experience. Tarara Winery, for instance, is a popular spot that overlooks the Potomac and offers guests exquisite views.

Wine Tasting at Tarara Winery

Image from In a DC Minute

Oatlands Historic House and Gardens

Oatlands House and Gardens is a place to see old American life. The house was made in 1804. It has old furniture and artifacts from the 1800s. The place has four gardens that are well-kept. They also have events during the year, like tea times and festivals.


Oatlands Historic House and Gardens | Leesburg, VA 20175

Image from Visit Loudoun

Leesburg Animal Park

For those traveling with family, the Leesburg Animal Park is a must-visit. With over 100 species, there’s plenty to see and learn. The park features a petting zoo where children can get up close with friendly farm animals. Beyond that, pony rides, animal shows, and interactive experiences ensure that there’s never a dull moment. A particular favorite among young visitors is the park’s parakeet house.

things to do in Leesburg VA

Zebra | Leesburg Animal Park

In the midst of your travels, as the day winds down, you’ll realize there’s a plethora of things to do in Leesburg VA. The town, with its scenic vistas, historic landmarks, and delectable wines, captures the very essence of Virginia’s beauty and heritage.

Common Questions about Leesburg

What’s the best time to visit Leesburg VA?

Autumn is ideal, with fall foliage and vineyards during the harvest season.

Are there family-friendly things to do in Leesburg VA?

Yes! From Leesburg Animal Park to local farms, there’s something for everyone.

Is Leesburg close to other major attractions?

Yes, it’s near D.C., making it perfect for day trips or extended stays.