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Modern Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Your Next Remodel

modern bathroom remodel

Modern Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Your Next Remodel


There are tons of design ideas to choose from when you’re remodeling your bathroom. However, there is one that is gaining popularity: a modern bathroom remodel. Everyone has their interpretation of what a ‘modern bathroom’ should look like. 

That being said, most can agree that some common elements tie the whole design scheme together. Let’s have a look at some of the top modern bathroom remodel tips that you can use for your next remodeling project.


Modern Bathroom Remodel Ideas


Embrace Minimalism 


One of the critical aspects of a modern bathroom remodel is its minimalist approach. You might be thinking, ‘what does minimalism mean anyway?’ 

For starters, it’s about keeping things simple. A modern or contemporary bathroom will not have any ornate design elements. Instead, you’ll notice the presence of clean and sleek. Every fixture, be it your bathtub or shower or even your sink faucet, screams simple design. The focus here is on geometric shapes and a clean aesthetic that speaks for itself. 

When we say ‘minimalism,’ we do not want you to get rid of all the fixtures and essentials. It is about keeping your bathroom design clean and purposeful. Every element in your modern bathroom is there for a reason and serves a specific purpose.

To elaborate, the principle of ‘less is more’ applies to modern bathrooms. You do not need over-the-top elements to stand out. An excellent example of this is the use of color.


Let the Colors Talk


modern bathroom with white color and bold fixture


Colors help you define a space. The importance of choosing the right colors is highlighted in a modern bathroom remodel. Because a modern bathroom embraces minimalism, every element has to speak louder. 

When it comes to colors, you’ll typically find colors like white, beige, pastels, and even dark colors like black and grey. The idea here is to use the color to create a theme and let it go. Colors not only complement the theme, but they are the theme. 

The color of your modern bathroom will decide the future style, design and even the layout


Work With Shapes

A defining factor of a modern bathroom remodel is its reliance on shapes. You’ll find a mix of solid geometric shapes and more fluid ones too. If you look closely at any modern bathroom, you’ll notice the combination. 

There is this delicate mix of rigidness and fluidity that’s subtle yet empowering. From oval bathtubs to rectangular sunken sinks, a modern bathroom has an array of shapes that catch your eye.


Open it Up

A distinct feature of a modern bathroom remodel is playing with the bathroom layout and bathroom design. Just like modern homes, contemporary bathrooms are also embracing the idea of an open layout.

But how does this idea translate into bathroom design? A common feature in many modern bathroom remodels is the inclusion of floor-to-ceiling windows. Not only do they let a lot of natural light in, but they also bring in the outdoors and make them a part of your space. 

Similarly, you won’t find any sections in your bathroom. Even if there are shower cubicles, they’ll be more freestanding and opened up. Just like the showers, freestanding bathtubs are also a core feature of the modern bathroom design. 


Embrace the Outdoors


modern bathroom remodel bathtub outdoor


Speaking of letting the outdoors in, modern bathrooms do a great job of embracing the outdoors. As we mentioned earlier, floor-to-ceiling windows are a common feature in a modern bathroom remodel. Not just that, you’ll also find inspiration from biophilic design. 

A lot of neutral colors used in modern bathrooms tend to give the bathroom a flat look. In order to provide it with contrast, you can add plants and other natural elements to the bathroom space. Not just that, you’ll also notice many earthy elements being incorporated in modern bathroom design. 

The reason behind this is the rise in the demand for sustainability and environmental consciousness. Because of this, you’ll find a lot of earth tones and raw design elements incorporated tastefully in a modern bathroom. 


Experiment With Materials


modern bathroom remodel with wooden design


A modern bathroom remodel is all about embracing the new. Hence, you’ll also notice the use of rather unconventional materials for your bathroom remodel. A modern bathroom remodel is often considered incomplete without using at least one contemporary material.

For instance, wood, bamboo, glass, concrete, and stone are some of the contemporary materials that find themselves in modern bathrooms. 

Not only do these materials provide contrast, but they also do the job of softening up the rather ‘harsh’ vibe that comes from the use of colors like black and grey. The use of contemporary materials is intentional, functional, and creative. 


Go Bold With Your Modern Bathroom Remodel

The idea behind a modern bathroom remodel is to break free. When you’re starting to plan your bathroom remodel, you have to start on a blank slate. If you look at all the points mentioned above, you’ll notice that they have one thing in common: they break a tradition.

A modern bathroom remodel is about bringing new ideas to the forefront. That being said, bathroom design is a highly personal choice. In the end, you have to choose the design that speaks to you and works best for you. 

The best thing about modern design is that it is flexible and gives you the creative freedom to do as you please. You can choose to incorporate all elements or just one, it will still be under the umbrella of a modern bathroom remodel.