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Remodeling During Covid-19: Should I Continue or Delay My Project?

Remodeling During Covid-19

Remodeling During Covid-19: Should I Continue or Delay My Project?

You are here because you were on the verge of starting to remodel when the Covid-19 outbreak decided to thwart your plans. Or maybe you were halfway through the remodeling project when this happened. Either way, many have been left questioning if they should be remodeling during Covid-19.

Honestly speaking, the answer to the question depends not only on your personal preferences but also on the stage of the remodeling task you are in. The considerations are different for the planning stage and a home remodel that has already started, for example.

We realize that it’s a tough decision to make in the ongoing situation. However, we’ve made things simpler for you by listing both the pros and cons of continuing the remodel during the Covid-19 lockdown. And yes, you read that right. There are some pros to it!

Pros and Cons of Remodeling During Covid-19


1. If You are in the Planning Phase



Please allow me to say that although the whole coronavirus pandemic seems surreal, there are some economic consequences that work in your favor as a consumer.

Firstly, there will be some cancellations for sure. So, your remodeling contractor will not only be willing to focus exclusively on your task but also give you great deals on it. Secondly, you also have to consider the extra time you have gained as a result of the present crisis. Now, you can do so much to structure your plan. You can actually sit down and re-evaluate your budget too. This will also give you ample time to actually monitor the task if you begin it.

And the best part is that that most of the home improvement showrooms are willing to give their prospective customers a virtual consultation as well. There’s an option of holding meetings with the designers via the phone or ZOOM or/and Facetime. Many have also kept their showrooms open with extra precautions for homeowners who want to visit.



As mentioned before, it’s a great time to invest your money. However, the circumstances aren’t so kind towards everyone. If that sounds like you, please refrain from doing anything that can burden you even further. Don’t go around taking loans and using your credit card to fund your project as the times are uncertain.

If you have enough savings, however, you can go-ahead; especially since you might save some money on the project itself. 



2. If You Are Already Renovating



Say you are already renovating. It implies that you have already gotten the necessary permits. Besides, you must have already procured the material needed for your remodel. By now, your contractor will be working on the same wavelength as you, and will know what you expect from the remodel.

So basically, you are on a comfortable ground at this stage. You can simply look forward to the completion of the task. All you have to do is to assure that every precaution is followed to the core while the job lasts. What we mean is that since the process is already underway, might as well continue, right?



You may run short on specific materials that may take time to arrive. Considering the whole coronavirus situation worldwide, you may have to face problems with the timely delivery of the needed products. And that could be a major put off for you, especially if you have to compromise with your choices.



3. If You Are about to Start Construction



The best part about being at this stage is that you are over with the design phase. Essentially, you are on the road to start the construction.

While the rest of the world is canceling their projects, your project will get special attention. It’s also normal for the contractors to speed up the task at this stage. Isn’t it better to go on rather than start speculating if you should turn back and wait for the good times to arrive? To go on with what you started is the best you can do now.



There is another side to this story. You may be expected to pay your contractor extra money for any special precautionary measures that they may take. That depends on the type of building or the house you’re living in. It will decide the extent of protection your place needs against the virus.

Another expense that you’re likely to incur is that you will have to pay the workers for the overtime. Again, if any mishap happens on account of the workers slogging day in and out, the project can face a delay.



Precautions to Take if You Are Remodeling During Covid-19


Nothing can beat the importance of the right precautionary measures, irrespective of the stage of your project. Make sure that everything is arranged well to protect you and your family from the Covid-19 infection.

Before entering the remodeling showroom, you need to make sure that all the people working at the remodeling company wash their hands at regular intervals. Also inquire if they sanitize frequently touched surfaces like the common phone, the coffee station, doorknobs, keyboards, and the likes. Besides, the bathroom, as well as the office, should be treated to a thorough cleaning multiple times during the day. The staff needs to disinfect themselves using wipes and sanitizers before and after any public interaction too.

As long as the job site is concerned, the remodeling company should provide plastic barriers at the site; separating the work site from the rest of the house. Check if the crew is regularly disinfecting the non-shared bathroom and the work areas to prevent any infection. 

A Port-a-John is an absolute must at those sites where a non-shared bathroom isn’t available. Besides, the crew needs to be encouraged to sanitize their hands after every some time to maintain hygiene.



While we are wondering what the outcome of Covid-19 will be, we can still continue some indoor remodeling projects. It depends on personal preference as well as the precautions being taken by your remodeling company. Choose wisely!