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Bathroom Tile Ideas For Your Next Remodeling Project

bathroom tile ideas

Bathroom Tile Ideas For Your Next Remodeling Project

The best part about remodeling a bathroom is choosing all the materials and the things you want in your newly developed bathroom. Will your bathroom be loud or quiet, colorful or composed, block or neutral? It is all up to you! Choosing from the right bathroom tile ideas is an important step in the bathroom remodeling process.

Your bathroom is that one place that you can escape to and find some solace in from the hustle and bustle of your diurnal life. That time is your own, and you can make it as relaxing as you need it to be. And to have that calming effect, the bathroom needs to look and feel like it too.

The bathroom’s design plays a significant role in creating the effect and aura of the room. Therefore, you must think carefully about all the things you need and do not need in your bathroom. If you think about decorating your bathroom, tiles can do the trick and go a long way. They protect your walls and add a hint of color and creativity to the bathroom walls.

Without further ado, here are a few bathroom tile ideas to inspire you for your next bathroom remodel.



monochrome bathroom tile ideas

Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

The monochrome bathroom design makes everything easy and straightforward to do. A bathroom with the same overall tiles set gives the bathroom a one-tone design, which keeps it classic yet cool. Choose any one color of your liking and tile all the bathroom walls, along with the flooring in that same color for a monochromatic look.

The monochromatic look in the bathroom gives the bathroom a very modern vintage vibe. If you go for an all pink or an all-blue bathroom, marble or ceramic fixtures in the form of a countertop, sink, and toilet can complement the color. But be sure to use a lighter shade of whatever color you choose to get your bathroom tile right.

Lighter shades have an airy and fresh feel to them and make the bathroom feel light. On the contrary, if you pick a dark block color for the bathroom remodel, your bathroom can feel heavy and overwhelming. It may even create a sense of negativity while you are in there getting ready in the morning. And that is not what you need to start your mornings with!


Add Earthy Tones

If you want the feeling of being outdoor without having an outdoor bathroom, the best thing to do would be to create a wooden effect in the bathroom remodeling project. We know that adding wood in a wet room like this would be the worst decision ever, but you do not have to add wood to give your bathroom a wooden effect!

Glossy brown tiles on the bathroom walls can easily give your bathroom a wooden effect and give you a feel of the outdoors. The brown tiles imitate the appearance of wood through the color and retain the lustrous quality of tiles through their texture.

However, if you put these tiles in the bathroom, make sure that you only use an accent wall and not on all the walls. Brown tiles on all bathroom walls can make the bathroom look dull, dingy, and flashy. Compliment the wooden look with a plant in the corner of the room or some flowers in a vase.



minimal bathroom tiling

Photo by intan Indiastuti on Unsplash

One of the best, most prevalent, and timeless bathroom tile ideas is to go minimal with your bathroom remodel. And in designers’ language, minimalist usually means white. White is anything but ordinary, so do not think that your bathroom would be dull or lifeless in white.

White is among the best colors for a bathroom and gives a sense of purity and flawlessness to the room. As mentioned above, your bathroom needs to create a calming effect on you and filter out all the stress and anxiety from your mind and body, and that is exactly what white does. It is also among the more modern bathroom decor ideas.

White tiles also create an airy and light feel in the bathroom, giving you a sleek and modern look. If you prefer a minimalistic color palette for your bathroom, going for an all-white bathroom would be the perfect choice for you.

And if you wish to add a little personality to your bathroom remodel, you can go for a graphic pattern on the floor in the form of grayscale tiles. They keep the design minimal without creating any visual drama in the bathroom.


Get a Statement Wall

statement bathroom wall

An all-white bathroom with a tiled statement wall and stainless steel fixtures is the epitome of sophistication and suave. If you wish to give your bathroom a sophisticated look without many pops of colors in the room, you could go all-white with one colored wall in the room.

A statement wall is a wall in the bathroom with one or several colors that accent the other elements in the room and prevent the room from looking dull and mundane. You can pick the wall closest to your tub and pick a colored tile of your choice to create any pattern on the design on the wall.

Ensure that you pick a tile that is rich in color, pattern, and texture. This will help you give some depth and intensity to the otherwise white room. You may want to pick the wall that is easily noticeable from the entrance of the bathroom. You can even add a plant to bring some life to the room.


Accentuate the Ceiling

Another one of the best bathroom tile ideas is to accentuate your ceiling. If you have a high ceiling in the house, you must look for ways to highlight it and play it up while remodeling your bathroom.

The best way to do so with tiles is to install floor to ceiling tiles in the bathroom, creating a lovely backdrop. Installing floor to ceiling tiles add much more texture to the bathroom than merely painting the walls. Add little sconces on the walls to create a fun bathroom vignette.