Kitchen and bathroom countertops are one of the first elements you think about when you’re envisioning your new kitchen or bathroom. It’s also one of the first to get noticed. We understand how much wear and tear your countertops get, which is why we’re good at striking the right balance between style and function. In fact, when we help you choose your countertops, we’ll be looking at durability, visual appeal, and ease of maintenance.

At the Kitchen & Bath Shop, we’ve done our research so we can provide you with a large selection of kitchen and bathroom countertops. When you combine our knowledge with our affordable pricing and exceptional customer service and you’ll see why we should be your personal project consultant for every step in your remodeling or new build project. We specialize in engineered stone like Quartz and Cambria, as well as natural stone, such as granite. Let us help you find the countertops that are right for your kitchen or bathroom space.

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